Marketing Services

for Vermont and New Hampshire Sellers

Vermont and New Hampshire Real Estate

We at Huntington Realty of Bradford have a strong knowledge of the Orange County area of Vermont. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities this area presents when marketing homes for sale.

Our goal is to create a partnership that will result in bringing you qualified Buyers and the best end results (the highest possible price) within the shortest period of time.

Are You Priced Right?

We will perform a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) and from that comprehensive review of past sales and homes currently on the market, a recommendation for pricing your home is given. We will spend time going over the CMA with you and in the end you get to decide what price your home will be marketed at. One of the important factors to consider is how long you want your home on the market. For instance the number of days a property is on the market can be a critical point depending on the price range. If you are priced right, your home will sell. The question we must answer together is how long you are willing to wait for a sale.

No matter what current market conditions are, the pricing is the most critical point because buyers are intelligent and informed and they are too busy to bother to look at or seriously entertain overpriced listings. You may never see the majority of buyers if you overprice your property. What we want with a new listing is to generate a powerful surge of interest from qualified buyers who are waiting for the next new listing in their range to come on the market.


Our website allows potential Buyers immediate and constant access to the complete Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so they may search for homes at their leisure. This allows for many more potential Buyers to see the photos of your home, read the details of your home, and decide whether it may be the home for them.

When we decide together that newspaper advertising of your home is warranted, we will put a photo of your home with a description in local and regional newspapers.

We also host Open Houses when we agree it is time. Again, this will bring another influx of potential Buyers to your home.

The Offer

We will guide you through the process of negotiation a solid Purchase and Sale Contract. An offer on your home is much more than a few pages of paper. Many factors must be taken into consideration when reviewing an offer, and we will review every aspect with you. The most important factors to consider are:

  • 1: Whether a potential Buyer is Pre-Qualified by a mortgage company or bank, eliminating the possibility that they are out of their price range
  • 2: The amount of a deposit can say a lot about how serious an potential Buyer is
  • 3: Mortgage and inspection contingency time lines can potentially delay a sale and leave your house off the market too long, should the potential Buyer back out of the contract
  • 4: Any other contingencies or requirements that the Buyer has put in place need to be carefully considered and a determination made as to whether they may delay the final sale in some way.

When all contingencies have been satisfied, an appraisal has been done and we are about a week before closing, we will stay in touch with you regularly making sure that all of the steps necessary for a smooth closing are taken care of. Little things like changing over utilities, allowing enough time for packing and arranging for trash removal are often overlooked and we’re here to remind you of all the little things. We want to make sure that when your Buyer walks through your home hours before your closing that you are completely ready. Our goal is for your closing to be a happy time of transition for both you and your Buyer.

The Bottom Line

We are committed to helping you every step of the way. No two Sellers are alike, and no two properties are alike. What is described above is an overview of how we can help you market and sell your home. Together, we'll create an individualized marketing plan that gives your home maximum exposure to the marketplace and gets you to your goal as quickly as possible.

We look forward to working with you, and if you feel that we are the right Agency for you, please call our office (802) 222-4703 or cell (702) 241-5155 today to set up an appointment so we can start you on the road to a successful sale.