Buyer Services

for Vermont and New Hampshire Home Buyers

Getting Started

One of the first steps in purchasing a new home is to talk to your bank or a mortgage broker who can help you determine your budget. If you need a referral to a local Bank or Mortgage Broker, please contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a range of professionals to choose from. Through your Bank or Mortgage Broker, you’ll obtain a Pre-Qualification Letter which will be very important when making an offer on a property. As soon as you have this letter, make sure we have a copy for your file.

While you’re waiting for the approval process, we’d be happy to show you properties, so please call to schedule a time to view appropriate homes.

Buyer vs Seller Services: What's the difference? Confidentiality!

During the first substantial meeting, a Realtor® should discuss representation. We are primarily an agency that represents Sellers as Clients and Buyers as Customers. It is our duty to provide that aspect of service to our Seller Clients only. All other aspects of our service is the same for both Buyers (Customers) and Sellers (Clients).

Working with a Realtor® as a Buyer

Most Buyers decide to work with us as Customers once they understand the full range of services that we can provide. They are free to change their mind at any time and hire a Buyer Broker if they feel the need. Representation and compensation are two separate issues. If you do work with multiple Agents or with a Buyer-Broker, you must inform us and those other Agents of what you are doing, and of what properties you've already seen, and through whom.

You should make your Buyer Broker aware of any work that has already been done by our agency so that we can discuss their compensation with them before hiring one. Also be sure to understand the full commitment you will be making with the buyer broker. There are open and exclusive buyer broker agreements and the length of time you sign up for is an important issue.

At our first meeting we will review and ask you to sign a disclosure statement acknowledging that you and I have discussed that I represent the Seller as a Client and the Buyer as a Customer. If you’d like to review this document before we meet with you, please contact us.

Benefits of Buyer Services Through a Realtor®

We work extremely hard to keep you informed of all new listings. Through computer automation, we can get notified as soon as a new property is listed, and pass that information to you when the property suits your individual needs. This can be via phone, email or fax, whichever you prefer.

As a Buyer Customer we can and will educate you on the general market and provide you insight into the area that you are interested in moving to. We cannot assist you in coming up with an offer price. This is a decision that you must make on your own, depending on your own individual situation and needs. We will be very careful to instruct you to not reveal what your "top dollar" for the property is. Basically if you interact with us the same as you would directly with the Seller, then you'll be safe from revealing too much. We can suggest with our Seller’s permission what terms the Seller may be looking for such as deposit amounts, contingencies and probable closing dates.

The Buyer Customers we work with have no trouble assessing the market once they have been out to view homes. Through this process we create an unusually high degree of trust between all parties that brings about successful closing for both Buyers and Sellers.

Do We Ever Buyer Broker?

Yes there are individual instances when buyer brokering is appropriate for our Agency.

If you are interested in a specific property that is not listed or is for sale by owner and are only interested in that one property, we are more than happy to work with you as a Client in that situation.

A Special Note to First Time Home Buyers

The process of buying a home can be overwhelming. It always seems that there are mountains of paperwork, attorneys and the biggest fear - the mortgage. We can help you sort through the process and break it down into very manageable chunks that won't overwhelm you. We will also be there every step of the way to answer questions about the process, and help you wherever we can to make it easier on you. If you have no idea where to start, call today and we can sit down and talk about the process, get your questions answered, and get you on the path to home ownership. We enjoy working with First Time Buyers, because the satisfaction of seeing someone purchase a home and start to build equity in that home is priceless.

Our Commitment

Our job is to help you find a home. By listening to your needs, we can eliminate properties that wouldn't interest you and focus on those that will be of interest to you. Through our conversations, we will learn how you utilize your home, and how your lifestyle will fit into a particular home. For example, if you like entertaining, we will focus on homes that are designed for entertaining. Like to cook? We’ll make sure you see houses with the most top of the line kitchens that are on the market. It all starts with an initial conversation so we can begin learning about your goals for your next home. Call our office (802) 222-4703 or cell (702) 241-5155 today so we can start you on the path to a new home.